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Bearizona Wildlife Park

When we created our northern Arizona site, we set out to include only non-commercial adventures. But, we’ve discovered a place that we feel emphasizes education rather than commercialization, and is much too wonderful to ignore. In a world of asphalt and plastic, Bearizona is a happy escape— into reality.

Bearizona cubs playing

Over half the population of Bearizona Wildlife Park consists of rehabilitated or rescued animals.  However, don’t pity these inhabitants.  They live in roomy enclosures, with wooded and/or grassy areas. There are plenty of opportunities for you to view them as they spend their time being “wild”.

Bearizona Wildlife Park has three sections:

  • 2-mile drive, taken in your car, where you’ll view adult bears, bison and more
  • Fort Bearizona, where you’ll walk to visit lynx, baby bears and smaller wildlife
  • High Country Raptor Show, an educational presentation held 3 times daily featuring birds of prey

Bearizona bear relaxing on fallen log

It would be difficult to come away from Bearizona without having gained a renewed appreciation for the natural world that so many among us often ignore or avoid. As members of the American Association of Zookeepers and Zoological Association of America, Bearizona lives up to its mission of wildlife conservation and preservation.

From the friendly staff who constantly stopped us to ask if we had questions, to the relaxed, comfortable inhabitants of the park, we were impressed with every aspect of Bearizona. We recommend a stop in Williams Arizona (exit 165) to visit this new, clean and modern zoological facility.

Petting goat at Bearizona in WIlliams AZ

For those of us who need to make contact directly with animals, there’s a tidy “mini barnyard’ where sweet goats ask to be patted.

Silly bear cubs playing at Bearizona park

Don’t think for a minute that Bearizona is all seriousness!  Side-splitting animal antics are everywhere.