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Arizona is a diverse state.  For residents looking to spend a day exploring local wonders, the possibilities are endless.

This website is ever-changing. As we, the editors, find new discoveries, we will post them here.  Bookmark our site and check back often to share our latest day-trip.  As residents of north-central Arizona, we will begin our day-trips locally and branch out frequently.

This is a website of family-oriented ideas for short, one-day, explorations of Arizona. We wish to spotlight the natural wonders of Arizona, therefore we don’t list lodging, resorts, eateries, shopping opportunities or any commercial establishments.  While we often note that an experience can be enhanced through the purchase of a tour or expedition, we leave it to you choose a provider.

Sedona Arizona

Via our contact page, we invite you to share your experiences and/or recommend day-trips you would like included here.

Types of day-trips we like to make

  • Parks and Monuments
  • Short Hikes
  • Scenic Vistas
  • Native American Ruins
  • Ghost Towns
  • Jeep Trails
  • Museums
  • Botanical Gardens

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